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"These programs have brought efficiency and success to the financial operations in my office."

Rebecca McNeil
McLean County Treasurer


E-Pay is a safe and secure electronic payment program that allows you to pay bills 24 hours a day, seven days a week without leaving your home. Agencies that offer E-Pay may accept credit cards, bank cards and/or electronic checks over the counter, online or by phone.

The service is provided by the State Treasurer's Office to more than 650 local governments and state agencies in Illinois, including elected county officials, county treasurers, cities and villages, schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities, sewage treatment districts, sanitation districts, community colleges, and universities.

To find out if your local government participates, search its name under “make a payment.”

If you are a government agency and would like more information regarding the services offered thru
E-Pay, please click here.