1. In the box to above, enter the full name of the government unit to which you wish to make a payment to. These entities can include: County Treasurers, County Clerks, Circuit Clerks, Municipalities, School Districts, Community Colleges/Universities, Libraries, and Park Districts.

        For example... to locate the Tazewell County Treasurer's Office,
        Enter: "Tazewell County Treasurer"
        and to locate the City of Springfield,
        Enter: "City of Springfield"

  2. Upon entering the full name, click the 'Search' button.

  3. If your search is successful, a hyperlink will be returned which matches your entry. Click the hyperlink to view the web page for that unit.

  4. The government unit's web page will list the items that can be paid via E-Pay. Select the one you desire and follow the instructions on the following pages.



I-Cash allows you to search the state's unclaimed property database for money or property that belongs to you.
College Savings offers ways to save and earn tax-free money with Illinois' 529 College Savings Program.
Ag Invest helps farmers offset the rising cost of farming and encourages green business development.
Money Market Fund allows local government entities to pool their investments to gain a higher rate of return for their residents.
Online bill paying gives people with busy schedules a quick and convenient way to pay government bills and fees.
Please enter the full name of the Government Unit, please include the word(s) at the end "county," "village of," "city of," "university," etc. in your search. If you need further assistance making a payment, please go to the FAQs section on How to Pay Online.