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Village of Clarendon Hills

As part of the Village's ongoing commitment to improve services to our residents, we are offering secure electronic payment options via the State of Illinois E-Pay system.  Currently the Village is accepting payments for Water Bills, Parking Tickets, Vehicle Stickers, and Blue Dot Parking Permits.  Other services will be made available in the future.

  • Please note that there is a convenience fee charged for using this system.  The fee is not charged or collected by the Village of Clarendon Hills.
  • Senior citizen discounts can only be applied to vehicle sticker purchases at the Clarendon Hills Village Hall and Police Station.

Thank you for your payment!


Please Note:  Parking Tickets that were issued less than 31 days from today, your fine is $25.00.  If your ticket was issued less than 61 days, but more than 30 days from today, your fine is $50.00.  If your ticket was issued more than 61 days from today, your fine is $75.00.  Partial payments will not be accepted and your ticket will remain due an unpaid.

Payment can be made by:

(for Water Bill)
(for Vehicle Sticker - Renewal)
(for Vehicle Sticker - Late Renewal)
(for Parking Ticket)

You may make the following payments via E-PAY to the Village of Clarendon Hills by clicking on one of the links below:
  Water Bill (04/20/2007 - 09/29/2015)
  Vehicle Sticker - Renewal (05/01/2015 - 09/29/2015)
  Vehicle Sticker - Late Renewal (08/01/2015 - 09/29/2015)
  Parking Ticket (12/08/2011 - 09/29/2015)

For assistance, please contact us at:
Village of Clarendon Hills
1 North Prospect Avenue
Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
(630) 286-5400

Illinois E-PAY version 3.6.6