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The payable you tried to access can only be paid from 01/01/1980 through 09/20/2015

Welcome from Bureau County Sheriff John E. Thompson

You have entered our E-Pay payment website which is designed to make it easier for you to make a required bail payment for an individual in custody.

You can use your MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card (credit or debit card with the aforementioned logo), which will save you an unnecessary trip to the courthouse. A convenience fee is charged for using this system. This fee is NOT charged or collected by the Bureau County Sheriff. I hope you find this service convenient and easy to use.
Thank you for your payment!


As the person providing the defendant with the money for posting of bail, you are hereby notified that the bail may be used to pay costs, attorney's fees, fines, or other purposes authorized by the Court and if the defendant fails to comply with the conditions of the bail bond, the Court shall enter an order declaring the bond to be forfeited. I hereby acknowledge that I have provided the money for the posting of the defendant's bail and I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing notice.


I, the Defendant named above, do hereby state that I know and understand the terms and conditions of this bail bond as shown on the FRONT AND REVERSE SIDES of this bail bond form. I understand that any bail money may be used to pay costs, attorney's fees, fines, or for other purposes authorized by the court. I understand further that if at any time prior to the final disposition of the charge(s) I escape or am released on bond and fail to appear in court when required by the court, the result of my failure to appear will be as follows: I thereby waive my right to confront the witnesses against me; the trial can proceed in my absence; I forfeit the security money posted; judgement will be entered against me for the full amount of this bond, plus costs; a warrant may be issued, in which event additional bond money may be required.

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