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Mercer County Circuit Court Clerk
Jeff Benson, Mercer County Circuit Clerk

Welcome from Mercer County Circuit Clerk Jeff Benson

Hon. Jeff Benson

Welcome to the Mercer County Circuit Clerk’s Office E-Pay web site.  This service is designed to make the disposition of your “No Court Appearance Required” traffic ticket or other “Court Payable Matters” as simple and convenient as possible.  “Court Payable Matters” can include your Financial Compliance payments.  You can use your MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card (credit debit card with the aforementioned logo), to save yourself an unnecessary trip to the courthouse and avoid lost time from work.

Please note that if you are paying a “No Appearance” traffic ticket that you will need to send a signed copy of the Plea of Guilty agreement to the traffic court office within 3 Days of this transaction.  Your transaction will not be considered complete until this is done.

  • There is a convenience fee charged for using this system.  The fee is not charged or collected by Mercer County Circuit Clerk.
  • Payment processing takes 3 days to complete.  Please make sure that you allow ample time for your transaction to be processed and your Plea of Guilty form to arrive in our office.

Thank you for your payment!

Payment can be made by:

You may make the following payments via E-PAY to the Mercer County Circuit Court Clerk by clicking on one of the links below:

For assistance, please contact us at:
Mercer County Circuit Court Clerk
PO Box 175
Aledo, IL 61231

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