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There will be a convenience fee charge for using this system. The local governmental entities who use this system and the State Treasurer's office do not receive any revenue from the fee charged.

Using The Illinois Funds E-PAY site:

  1. In the box to the left, enter the full name of the government unit to which you wish to make a payment for that government unit. These entities can include: county treasurers, county clerks, circuit clerks, municipalities, school districts, community colleges, libraries, etc.
    For Example...
       to locate the Illinois County Treasurer's Office,    Enter: "Illinois County Treasurer"
       and to locate the Village of Illinois,    Enter: "Village of Illinois"
      (you MUST type at least three characters of each word describing the unit)
  2. Upon entering the full name, click the 'Search' button.
  3. If your search is successful, a hyperlink will be returned, which matches your entry. Click the hyperlink to view the Web page for that unit.
  4. The government unit's Web page will list the items that can be paid via E-PAY. Select the one you desire and follow the instructions on the following pages.


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